"Pashmina" used to refer to anything 
    made of cashmere goat's wool.  Below you

    can see a piece of pashmina carpet.

    However, as a  noun, these days, it refers

    to a shawl which may be made of a

    number of  materials, sometimes but not

    always cashmere.  For example, Strange 

    Chick Productions'   pashminas generally 

    are made of a combination of acrylic and

    viscose, and are silky soft!

You can find Strange Chick Productions at:

          Emporium 1101
          2100A South Scatterfield Road
          Anderson, Indiana  46016

     We are open to expansion; if you operate or know someone anywhere
     in the United States whooperates a flea market or other such venue
     that​ provides locked cases and handles sales (rather than requiring
     vendor presence) feel free to contact us using the handy dandy form
     to the right.

​  Jewelry, dolls (we've got quite a

  few), pashminas and kendamas

  make wonderful gifts, regardless

  of whether for a holiday or for no

  particular reason, for a friend or

  colleague, child or adult, or as a

  treat for your very own self!​

Dois Meninos Jogando Bilboquê by Belmiro de Almeida (1858–1935)


  Human beings have been wearing jewelry for

  just about forever.  If that simple statement

  makes you curious about just when, how, who,

  why and where, either you're a reporter and/or

  you might like to visit The International Gem

  Society for more information about the history

  of jewelry.


   ​Strange Chick Productions sells gift items, specializing in

   kendamas those intriguing Japanese skill toys that  

   help develop eye- hand coordination, impress your posse and

   secretly drive yourself mad.

   We also feature a fine selection of soft, silky 

   colorful fringed scarves that can be used to enhance a dressy

   outfit, keep you warm on a crisp early spring day or ensure

   modesty if  you want to keep your head covered and still be

   fashionable and attractive.  

   E-books by Gail M Feldman are now available for purchase

   (at very modest prices) online, on this very site, right here!

   Sometimes we choose to offer unexpected items -- you will

   just have to come in and see what we have!  It could be cool  

   fashion watches, fine, costume, vintage or handmade  

   jewelrypanda sleep masks or...  yes, we do like to keep you


The kendama is by no means new to the universe, though it seems to be catching on quite well in 21st-century America.  Originally Japanese, there are versions  of the kendama all over 

the world, variously called, among

other names, bilboquêbalero,

emboque and coca

 Contact Strange Chick Productions:  


   Do you like innovative writing?  The

   chief cook, bottle washer, ailurophile

   and prezzy of Strange Chick Productions

​   is Gail M Feldman, who is also a well-
   published (but underpaid) writer of

   articles, essays, poetry, recipes, short and 

   long fiction, drama, blurbs and random

   effluvia.  She currently offers more and

   more e-books every day, here.  If

   politics do not frighten you,  check out

   her Facebook page.

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