Strange Chick Productions' resident

     scribe, Gail M Feldman, is struggling

     to finish her novel.  Any donation, no

     matter how small, will help this

     endeavor and be much appreciated --

​     and acknowledged in the book.

     Do you like horses?  Do you

     like simulation games?  We

     think you just might like

     Howrse.  Our guru, Gail M

     Feldman, plays Howrse 

     shamelessly.​     Be warned:

     this game is complex.  It has

     a slow learning curve and

     almost no INSTANT

     gratification.  But it does

     have gratification a-plenty

     as you learn and advance.


     When did you last play a

     strategy/war game?  Was it more

     strategy or more war?  Did your

     village(s) get wrecked by mean

     players attacking you constantly?

     Well, Forge of Empires has

     everything you liked about that

     game and nothing you disliked.

     Yes, you can be attacked but no, it

     will not wreck your city, and yes

     you can keep advancing no matter

     how often you're attacked -- and

     players are encouraged to help

     one another instead.  Our

     MMPORG mistress, Gail M

     Feldman, finds this game

     compelling so watch out:  it's


 ​ ​

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