Our bracelets can be funky or classy.  By the way, did

     you know that the name "slave bracelet" has nothing to

     do with human slavery?  It refers, instead, to the fact that

​     the ring is chained to the bracelet and is thus its "slave."

    Not everything that can adorn you fits neatly into a

    category.  Find such items here!

Our necklaces grace any neck!

MAN stuff!

Handmade Jewelry by Genessa

      We have rings for your fingers...

     Living Memory lockets (see our necklaces; the lockets    

     generally come with some charms) are designed to hold

     and display floating charms made specifically for those

     lockets.  We think that our Living Memory floating charms

     are particularly charming.  Only $1.25 each (or $1.25 per 10

     little crystal charms).

 Our matching sets are great for every mood and any

occasion.  You don't need a reason to wear them.

Vintage Timepieces
Vintage Jewelry


  Vintage timepieces are, by definition,  old, and thus will

  need to have new  batteries installed.  However, the

  ones we offer are in working condition apart from that

  and are NOT pre-owned.  They are part of an old

  inventory and while their packing may be wrinkly, the

  watches themselves have never been worn.  Those with

  leather bands are in general just fine to wear but a few

​  may benefit from a touch of lanolin or saddle soap.

  Anything actually damaged is so noted (and priced

​  accordingly) but this is rare.



    You may buy these items without traveling to Indiana!  You may
 simply contact us using the form on the main page or the locations page.  If you decide to purchase, you may

   pay the price of the item plus shipping via PayPal.  Easy-peasy!

   If you see no price attached to an item, just inquire.  The site is always adding new merchandise and  you may have caught us in the middle of that.
   Pardon our constant


   Some terms we use here regarding materials:  Natural means the real McCoy.  If it's not real, we'll specify what the material is, or if we're not sure or don't know, we'll say so.

   (If we neglect to say "natural" it does not mean it's not natural; it means we forgot to say it, or we ran out of room.)  Gold means real gold but we don't know the purity.

   Goldtone means not real gold.  The same goes for silver and any other metals.  If we know the purity we'll say so.   Sterling silver and 925 mean the same thing; higher purity

   makes the silver too soft for making jewelry.   Ruby spinel is a semiprecious and in and of itself a desirable stone called spinel that comes in many colors, including (in the

   case of ruby spinel) ruby red.   Cubic zirconia and CZmean the same thing:  a synthesized form of the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2).  It can be clear or

   colorized and cut to resemble many gems and it comes in grades, some valuable in their own right and others no more or less precious than crystal, which itself can be fine

   Austrian crystal by Swarovski or relatively inexpensive stuff.  Glass can be plain glass, painted glass or any number of fancy forms, such as (but not limited to) dichroic,

   lampworked, frosted, Czech and way too many more to list.  We strive to meet various budgets.  Alloy means a combination of metals and often one of the metals is tin,

   aluminum or nickel, and may contain lead.  We strive to be lead- and nickel-free, and when we know something is, we say so.  If we know something isn't, we don't offer it.  

   Some alloys actually contain some of the material with which it is plated or filled.  The former means a layer of the precious metal is applied over the alloy (or the nonalloy

   based material; we like environmental copper -- copper being a beneficial element to begin with and some being mined in environmentally conscientious manners -- as a base

   material)  The latter is generally considered substantially better (and thus more expensive) than the former because the layer of precious metal is thicker, more tarnish-

   resistant and longer lasting.  It also protects against allergies to the base material, and plating affords no such protection.  Gold is measured in carats, marked K.  The higher

   the K, the purer and softer the gold.  Soft gold is not terribly durable so for jewelry that is solid gold and intended to be worn often a lower caratage is preferable.

   Feel free to inquire if we have neglected to explain anything that confuses you, if we have made an error, or if you have anything to say to us (even just "hi"!)

     Strange Chick Production's resident accessory selector (and sometimes maker) Gail M Feldman has a tale to tell regarding the happy occupation

     of selling jewelry and watches at flea markets:

         When my parents retired, they couldn't afford to retire; retirement was not economically
 feasible for them.

          After a long, somewhat varied and generally successful, albeit anything but lucrative, career, Dad
 found himself accepting the early 
retirement deal offered by Joseph

          Califano, newly appointed (by President Jimmy Carter) head of the then Department of Health, Education and Welfare, where Dad had started out as a social worker;

          got promoted out of the field,  which he loved, into management, which he didn't; left for the private sector to get into computers; and returned as a computer

          specialist.  He hadn't been thinking about retirement, but Carter was definitely thinking about hiring freezes and other budget-cutting measures; early retirement, with

          benefits, seemed a kinder course than wholesale layoffs.  Mom quit her longstanding position as office manager of the Washington Teachers Union and the couple,

          now empty-nested and unemployed, sold the house and headed for Florida.

          In the Sunshine State, both of them got jobs, he with a series of universities, still as a computer
 specialist, and she in a 
series of offices, soon settling in as a per-

          sonnel manager for a large company. This was not to last. Mom had a plethora of increasingly serious health issues and Dad was becoming depressed as he realized

          that his former expertise was increasingly irrelevant as computer science progressed beyond his ken.  The two of them still loved to travel (Dad in particular loved to

          drive) and in 1982 they embarked on one of their cross-country journeys, this time in the company of Dad's older sister, my Aunt Molly. They visited me in California,

          then headed back east, stopping in Las Vegas, for they both enjoyed blackjack and (I suspect) bright lights.

          The night they arrived, Dad collapsed in the casino, $90 up. His brief death, his resuscitation,
 his triple bypass open heart 
surgery and the next 13 years of his life are

          another story, but suffice it to say his computer career -- indeed his career as he knew a career to be -- was over.

          Now my parents had to rethink their so-called golden years, which were turning up very green 
copper at best. How could 
they support themselves?  I'm pretty sure it

          was Mom who came up with the idea of selling costume jewelry, watches and miscellaneous accessories at flea markets, but I have no clue why this occurred to her.

          Nonetheless, that is what my folks decided to do.  They settled, perhaps after trial and error, on a large, well populated seasonal market in Jupiter, Florida, some

          distance from where they lived, and drove up there every weekend to peddle their wares and shmooze with the populace.

          I once had occasion to accompany Mom to Miami for an enlightening wholesale shopping trip.  I 
was pleased when Mom 
occasionally asked my opinion of an item

          and even considered my answers when it came to the final purchase.  I went, too, up to Jupiter, and helped out a bit, noting that Dad, always a shy man, had found his

          niche.  The flea market provided a context within which he could socialize easily, making people comfortable, chatting as if he'd done so all his life (he hadn't!)

          Dad died in early 1995.  Mom lived almost two more years. While cleaning out my parents' house,
  I found brochures and p
rice lists from Mom's wholesalers and

          decided to follow in her footsteps.  I would sell the same kind of products, about which I had some knowledge, at flea markets and on the web.   I returned to Los

          Angeles (I had not been there all along but that, too, is another story) and began to make wholesale contacts, then purchases.  I embarked on my own cross-

          country tour, staying with friends and having some remarkable success at flea markets all over America.

     And now we add this website to our repertoire, and here you may find what goodies we offer at our flea​ market location and online.

                and rings for your ears!

     Strange Chick Productions' resident crafter, Gail M Feldman, creates her bracelets,

     earrings, necklaces, anklets and other crafty stuff under the brand name GENESSA. 


     Vintage jewelry may have bumps in the packaging and even an occasional ding itself, but our vintage jewelry is in very good shape

     and quite worth a look -- despite the fuzziness of our current photography.  We hope to correct that by and by.

     Meanwhile, squint, if you will, at our blurry representations of true vintagery (we know it's not a word; we just made it up).  We're

     currently working on it (and you can see it more clearly in person, on-site).  Note that "vintage" means at least 20 years old (which

     does not mean that college students are "vintage").  Our understanding of "antique" is something at least 100 years old, but some

     folks say over 50 years old, which makes our resident blurry photographer, Gail M Feldman, an antique.

         Our watches range from fun...                                                                     to fashionable!

            (and sometimes they match, even without being part of a set, so happy hunting!)